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Do sweepstakes really work?
 For years now, "experts" have been predicting the complete and total demise of sweepstakes, contests, and games. Yet, according to industry reports, sweepstakes activity has steadily increased over the last 10 years by more than 25 to 30 percent—on top of an already solid base or benchmark of activity.

Their continued popularity may be partly due to the somewhat limited number of promotional options available to marketers*; an increase in the nationwide phenomenon of "Lotto Fever" (and greater acceptance of casino gambling among mainstream America). Or it may simply be the fact that sweeps, contests, and games offer certain advantages such as fixed-budget liability (as opposed to open-ended liability situations such as refunds and/or premium programs that, when more successful than anticipated, have the potential of "breaking the bank").
*Excluding event sponsorship and traditional media, some categories of business, such as alcoholic beverages, have so many restrictions levied against them, that refunds and/or sweepstakes are really the only options available to these industries when trying to achieve an at-retail effect from their marketing support expenditures.